here is the place to drop off your opinions on the abc show happy endings! go ahead and leave your confession in the askbox or the submit box, and feel free to make your own graphic if you like. happy confessing!
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so i really need to be getting back into making graphics for this brilliant fandom and i thought this would be a great way to get myself started again (i still have the happy endings meme rotting away)

this is for brotps too! i’ll just be putting the ships that i can think off the top of my head right now, but feel free to message or reblog with suggestions you like!

i’ll be keeping this open for a few weeks, you can vote however many times you want and you can choose up to five ships in one vote. there’s no need to follow me or any of that drivel, but just keep an eye out when the graphics start coming!

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tags: #dave rose #happy endings
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Hey guys, the fandom is looking a little lonely… Come and confess!

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